Drops on the Water
by Eric G. Müller & Matthew Zanoni Müller

Shelley Carpenter Candle-Ends: Reviews Drops on the Water (Apprentice House, 2014) is a collection of short memoirs written by father and son authors, Eric G. Müller and Matthew Zanoni Müller. The individual narratives are separated by sections detailing author and … Continue reading

Volume 14, Issue 4

Volume 14, Issue 4 :: December 2014 Photo Credit: Juliet Culver Featured Writing Listen Poetry by Karen Bayly A Hundred Things to Do Poetry by Nabin Kumar Chhetri Solo Boulevard for Trumpet and Strings Poetry by David DeWitt Fulton Three … Continue reading

Volume 13, Issue 1

Volume 13, Issue 1 :: March 2013 Photo Credit: Renée Suen Featured Writing Three Poems Poetry by Alison Eastley Three Poems Poetry by Gail Hosking Three Poems Poetry by Karolina Manko Two Poems Poetry by Jiawen P. Two Poems Poetry … Continue reading

Award Nominations

Award Nominations Toasted Cheese nominates for the Best of the Web Anthology, Best of the Net Anthology, the storySouth Million Writers Award, the Pushcart Prize, the Micro Award, and The Best Creative Nonfiction anthology. All regular submissions chosen as Featured … Continue reading