Dance With Me

Jerrifaye Gregoire

While blue satin slips
over my swells and curls,
you glide over me,
breathing life into my body.

I dance to tempo of swing in sunlight.
Nights seem spent in formal wear
as you slide me
back and forth across the horizon
to slow, smooth, steady tango beats.

Nobody can sense my moods like you.
Either our tranquility is celebrated
or our wrath is feared.

Then satin rips and rolls away.
Dance is forgotten.
Our rage leaves scars
when all I really want to do
is lie serene beneath satin.

Lavish me the sun and moon
in diamonds and pearls.
Breathe on me.
Hold me sway.
Dance with me.


Jerri is a southern belle, 46, married to a Cajun living southeast of New Orleans. She has a married daughter with children and works part-time as a master floral designer. Family, friends, reading and writing take up the rest of her time. Fall is spent in LSU’s Tiger Stadium. Jerri can be reached at jfgjerri[at]

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