What Poetry’s About

Bruce Hodder

(after Ana Christy and Melanie Faith)
for Ruth

It’s about the luscious sensuality of heavy sleep
after staying up till one writing poems.
It’s about the silence of the night
cut by the soft pealing of the church bells
or a car rolling by through the darkness
and you wonder why they’re out so late.
It’s about the morning conversations of the birds
in the trees and aerials all around you.
It’s about that being there all day
if you concentrate and fade out human noise.
It’s about days when the light is startling
and if you listen, you can hear grass grow.
It’s about how nature isn’t everything though
and the godliest non-sex non-love
experience is instant coffee in the morning,
black with two spoonfuls of caffeine in the mug.
It’s about the feeling when you’re on the sofa
listening to Bob Dylan and suddenly you’ve got
to take your girlfriend’s picture out.
It’s about so much; actually it’s everything.
Sometimes it’s even about a book
if it’s old and sun-stained and bears a dedication
in handwriting that speaks of long ago.


“I am an English poet and sometime editor of the irregular small press print magazine Blue Frederick.” E-mail: Bkerouac[at]aol.com.

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