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The Snark Zone: Letters from the Editors
Theryn “Beaver” Fleming

A couple weeks ago, someone asked me if Toasted Cheese had any success stories yet. By which I think he meant, “Anyone written a bestseller yet?” (As far as I know, not yet, but please enlighten me if I’m wrong!) But it got me thinking: TC has had a pretty good streak of successes of late. Maybe it’s time for a little run-through.

TC Editor Stephen W. Simpson (Macfisto) is the co-author of the recently-released self-help book, What Wives Wish their Husbands Knew about Sex. He has two more books in the works: another self-help book, and a memoir. Look for an interview with Steve at Absolute Blank in August.

Former TC Host Janet Mullany (Elailah) has published a regency romance, Dedication. She has two more books scheduled for release soon, one under her own name and another as Jane Lockwood. We’ll try to schedule an interview with Janet in the not-too-distant future.

Congratulations on your writing successes, Steve and Janet, we are so proud of you!

Both Steve’s and Janet’s books can be purchased at TC’s Amazon Store. We encourage everyone in the TC community to support these authors by buying their books (and TC by purchasing them through our store!).

Our Amazon store highlights books by and for TC’s writing community. Every cent Toasted Cheese earns as an Amazon partner (and from our Cafe Press store and donations) goes toward site fees and contest prizes. We invite you to check out these new sections:

  • Books by the Crew & Friends features books by current and former TC Editors and Hosts, as well as books by authors published in the literary journal. If you have a book you think should be here, please contact us; we’ll be more than happy to add it.
  • At Absolute Blank Books, you can find books by authors interviewed at Absolute Blank, as well as other books featured in Absolute Blank articles.

We’re equally proud of the critical recognition that Toasted Cheese has been receiving of late.

For the second consecutive year, a story published in Toasted Cheese has been selected as one of the Million Writers Award Notable Stories. Congratulations to Gina Sakalarios-Rogers, whose story, “Pillaged,” was selected as one of the Notable Stories of 2006 (the 2005 list included “Cravings” by Trish O’Brien-Edwards). If you’re looking for something to read (besides TC, of course!), you can’t go wrong with the best online stories of the year.

TC now nominates for the Million Writers Award and the Pushcart Prize; you can find a list of past nominations on our Submission Guidelines page.

But the kudos don’t stop there. For the fourth time, and third consecutive year, Toasted Cheese has been chosen as one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers by Writer’s Digest.


TC also made the list in 2006, 2005, and 2002. We were also delighted to see that Toasted Cheese got a mention in the introduction to the Online Markets section of the 2007 Writer’s Market. Our thanks to both Writer’s Digest and Writer’s Market for their continued support of TC.

We have always enjoyed getting thank you notes from our forum members and the writers we publish. But it’s an unexpected treat when people with no affliation to TC refer to it as an “awesome website” that’s “extremely helpful” and to the literary journal as a “superb literary e-zine.” We’ve started keeping track of what people are saying about TC around the blogosphere; check it out at Conundrums to Guess.

Remember, if you love Toasted Cheese, you can show that love (and support TC at the same time!) with fabulous TC Wear from our Cafe Press Store.


Here TC Editor Billiard poses in her awesome “I’m writing about this.” long-sleeved T-shirt (also available in black!). There are plenty of shirt styles to choose from, as well as other fun TC items. (Do you have a TC shirt? Send us a photo! Maybe we’ll start a gallery‚Ķ)

Thanks to everyone who has supported TC over the years and here’s to many more successes (we’ll get that bestseller yet!) in the future.


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