Two Poems

Kristine Ong Muslim

U is for Ursula

The rain sounds busy outside; this is not the time to die.
Her skin embarrasses her even if it is covered by sheets.
The doctor never looks at her in the eyes. Her husband
does, but never long enough for her to reciprocate.
The bed is so soft, so white. Why does every thing look
beautiful? Outside the window and beyond the haze, the rain
must know that she is watching. She can hear it scream.


Milking Time

All roads that subsist only
on mapping the easiest of trails
disappear by day; the law
of entropy is irrevocable.

That is why the taste, the colors
of the crusted remnants
of an early-morning dream
rarely lasts until noon.


Kristine Ong Muslim’s poems and stories have appeared or are forthcoming in more than 100 magazines, journals, and anthologies worldwide. These include, most recently, Bellevue Literary Review, GlassFire Magazine, Mannequin Envy, Noneuclidean CafĂ©, Poetry Midwest, Syntax, and Turnrow. Her publication history. E-mail: kristineongmuslim[at]

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