Advice for Travelers Going to the Southern Hemisphere

Candy Shue

the toilets flush counter-
clockwise, Down Under.
The sky is completely
upside down and backwards.
You can see the Southern Cross,
the Southern Crown and Antares,
the red beating heart of Scorpio,
hidden from us in the North.
Stand on the outer edge
of the Milky Way and look
toward the dead center
of the cosmos. Realize we
are not the Middle Kingdom
of the galaxy. Try not to
keel over when stricken
by vertigo.


Candy Shue’s work has appeared in, Pif Online Magazine, Washington Square Review, Paragraph, the Booksmith Reader and other literary journals. She lives in San Francisco where the weather is cool and blustery, and can be reached at ceshue[at] for weather reports and other interesting factoids.

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