little you

Jai Britton

cummings, little e, little e, he said (said he)
that you can t have love
without a gimmick,
trick or rhyme, sonnet unsonnetlike
keeping the time.

he changed the world, little e, little e,
and now we
burgeoning poets
can all blame him
for our spelling errors and etceteras
and unquotes.

little e, little e knew much more than we
(or at least i, little i)
about what he was doing

in the end (the little e end)
it made sense
if you,
little you,
were looking for some unstructured love, too.


Jai Britton is a woman of many hats: copywriter, poet, editor, transcriptionist, mother, receptionist. Only the receptionist job pays any money. Jai was recently shortlisted for Wigleaf Magazine’s Top 50 Short Fiction Writers of 2007 in such company as Robert Bly, Steve Katz, and ZZ Packer. You can see a full list of her work on her blog, Scrivner. E-mail: sourtaste7[at]

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