Portrait of a Home

Best of the Boards
Aaron M. Wilder

Your cross-beams sway in the wind now. That once stood so defiant to God. Shingles splintered and thrown to time. Weathering to male-pattern baldness. When I see you again will this roof be shaved? Doors hanging by one hinge? Elements and that run-down phrase—“it’s just the wind”—making themselves at home?

Thieves and highwaymen. All of them.

I never knew you were my past. That burning of forever in me— and you— that never falls to ash. Until I saw the ruin. The dust. Of the nights— our nights— that were to last forever. Melt to red dawn and… a familiar face, washed out. Rain fallen through the roof, moldering my best memory.

Aaron M. Wilder is a student of English at Marian College in Indianapolis, IN, where he plays baseball and tennis for scholarship. He hails from the small town of Decatur, IN, where his parents, Susan and Michael Wilder, were also born and raised. After college he plans to attend grad school and hopes to pursue a future as a writer, editor of a literary magazine, or college professor. E-mail: aaron_m_wilder[at]hotmail.com

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