Rae Spencer

I confess them
These bodily hungers
All satisfied, every need met
By the luxury of my living

Further hunger ingrained
Genetically inscribed
Not just possession of thumb
But obsession of hand

No matter I am satiated
Belly overfull, fully clad
Room after room of comfort
Summer-cooled winter-warm

So I scrounge for new wants
Invent new anxieties
Because I am human-born
With my urge to climb

My ambition derived
From the seed of my past
Deep roots have survived
Towering forests that heave

In a surfeit of greed
Though I have all I need
Except rest, except peace
All I need, and more

Rae Spencer is a writer and veterinarian living in Virginia. Her poetry has been published in The Powhatan Review, The Healing Muse, The Chaffin Journal, and vox poetica. Website. E-mail: raespen[at]

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