Introducing Candle-Ends

Candle-Ends: Reviews
TC Editors

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Photo Credit: Chris Blakely

As we begin our second decade, we are retiring Best of the Boards, and introducing a review section, Candle-Ends. In keeping with the community-oriented spirit of BotB, Candle-Ends will focus on reviews of work by writers with a connection to Toasted Cheese. In particular, we’re looking for reviews of work by writers who:

Reviews can be of individual poems, stories, and other short works as well as books and anthologies. Work does not need to be current to be reviewed.

Suggestions for and submissions of reviews can be made either to reviews[at] or at our new reviews forum. If you’d like to suggest your work (or someone else’s) be reviewed put “Review Suggestion” in your subject line. If you’d like to submit a review, put “Review Submission” in your subject line. If you are submitting by email, paste your submission in the body of the email message.

Reviews should be 100–500 words in length, and include the name of the author and the title of the work. Books and anthologies should include publisher and publication date. Individual work should include date and place of publication, as well as the URL for work available online. You may submit more than one review.

Submission periods for reviews will mirror the regular submission periods. Notification of whether your review has been accepted for publication will be sent in early February, May, August and November. (No preliminary notifications will be sent.) Reviews are subject to the same terms of publication as regular submissions.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new section, and if you’re a member of the Toasted Cheese community, please do not hesitate to suggest your own work for review!


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