Comings and Goings

Lex Thomas Muery

Photo Credit: Stefano Corso

He is perfect
That is why I watch

It is so becoming

I began with his walk
His posture erect, fluid
At ease on the verge
I perfected it within the first year

His voice,
Implacable for the unstudied,
Is a New Orleans accent coupled
With the rapidity of northern talk
They catch something in the vowels
It’s soothing, exotic
You will be proud to hear you
Speak through me

Now it is the smell
Parliament full flavors, Quorum
Always a light sweat
Saturated in Old Spice
The sweat is the hard part
I almost have it

I began the surgeries
After I installed the cameras

When he drinks I drink
We like dark beer
An acquired taste
When he laughs I laugh
We like dark comedy
An acquired taste

He is thirty-six
I have until next year
To lose two years
My birthday slowly realigns

I am nearing completion

I am his second
He will understand when he sees
Everyone loves themselves


Lex Thomas Muery graduated from Louisiana State University in May. Email: lmuery1[at]

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