Agholor Leonard Obiaderi

Ferris wheel
Photo Credit: Grauke/O

I am, therefore
I exist?

I seek pain in the
whirlwind, dust scraps,
sticks and stones

hurt me turning
free-will me into
abandonment. I am

on my own. Trapped in a
wheel spinning
flick switch, a

compass. Nature whips up a
dust storm. I am

lost. Needle on a calibrated
moon face of glass
is useless in a maze
buried deep in the bowels

of the earth
from the dust
clay which forms my bones.

I step over the rubble
nail-teeth pierce my naked
feet. Pain

bleeds my soles.
I do exist.


Agholor Leonard Obiaderi holds a Bachelor’s degree in the English Language. He lives in Delta State, Nigeria. He loves poetry, crime novels and wrestling. His poems have been published in UptheStairCase Quarterly, Barnwood International Magazine, and Shortstory Library. Email: obiaderi[at]yahoo.com

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