In a Guatemalan’s Village

Salvatore Marici

Soccer Ball
Photo Credit: Jarret Callahan

Whitewash on an adobe wall
silhouettes the spikes in his black hair
and olive skin.
His shirt has white and green bars
resembling a World Cup jersey
as he suspends his body
over the dirt street
readying his right foot
to kick
the blue-and-yellow ball
before it bounces
without him thinking
because his parents
do not have money,
doctor nor drug to
kill the gangrene in the left leg.
A metal crutch, his appendage,
propels him to practice—
acquiring skills he needs
to play soccer with the pros.


Salvatore Marici has had his poetry appear in several magazines, anthologies, and web journals including Off Channel, Slow Trains, Descant and Sweet Lemons 2: International Writings with a Sicilian Accent (Legas, 2010). He was the 2010 Midwest Writing Center’s poet-in-residence. He has a chapbook Mortals, Nature, and their Spirits (Ice Cube Press). A new collection is forthcoming via Ice Cube Press. Email: vinoyajo[at]

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