Plot Line

D.C. Lynn

Lakewood Memorial Park
Photo Credit: Natalie Maynor

I awake each day as blind as all the rest
to jack the java…
only because I can’t spell coffee and make it sound
like “cough” which is strange really. But English
isn’t spelled like it sounds and coffee
in any genre
in any negative capability
usually looks and smells better than it tastes.

My father always called coffee “cough” or “a cup a mud.”
He lies now on the side of a hill a mile or so from where he lived and worked for most of his life.
My mother puts artificial flowers on his grave.
It has a flat marker.
It says he was a sergeant in the Second World War.
She has a hard time ’cause the flowers fade with the sun and get blown into these weird positions by the wind.
She has a walking problem and the hillside takes its toll on repatriation.
Sometimes I wonder if they got a discount on the plot.

I was climbing in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus when he passed.
They couldn’t locate me when he died.
Out of the blue
he suddenly collapsed at the back door of his house.
My mother called the ambulance but he was dead-on-arrival.
After a few years she abruptly sold her small wood-frame house of many mansions.
She couldn’t keep it up.
It was in a working-class neighborhood. She still took a huge loss in the dismal real estate market.

My mother was undone by it all.
She just didn’t see any of it coming.

Hopefully I can make her passing…
it will make or break the taste and smell
of sightlessness.


D.C. Lynn is an American university lecturer of English language and literature who has lived and worked outside the United States for most of his academic career. He has published widely in the USA and abroad. Among others, his publication credits include: Hawai’i Review, Mastedon Dentist, Bare Root, Orbis (U.K.), Rose & Thorn, Wilderness House, Black Market (U.K.), Foliate Oak, Caveat Lector, Chiron Review, Other Poetry (U.K.), Quiddity, Chronogram, Perigee, Ranfurly Review (U.K.), Battered Suitcase, Pirene’s Fountain, Rockford Review, Ditch (Canada), and Skive Magazine (Australia). He was nominated for the 2009 Best New Poet’s Award by the Dead Mule of Southern Literature and for the 2011 Pushcart Prize by Willows Wept Review. Email: armando50[at]

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