For Sale

Bellman’s Pick
Marisa Marinelli

For Sale
Photo Credit: Lis Bokt

my heart keeps wandering into dark, empty bedrooms
filled with cobwebs and a weird, musty sort of smell
and by the time my head follows my heart
those rooms have no more space left for my love
because someone else has already hung up posters to hide the holes in the walls
but i only took so long to move in because i was getting the materials to fix the holes
instead of pretending they weren’t there
darling, i would’ve patched up your wounds
and kissed away the cobwebs
and even with that musty odor, i thought i could smell your cologne
i would’ve painted you yellow in hopes of cheering you up
and the sign on the door would’ve said “don’t forget to wipe your feet, but come right in”
the shelves would’ve been filled with books that smell like tea leaves
and there would’ve been dozens of sunflowers scattered around the room
babe, we’d open up all the windows and sing as loud as we could
and even though we wouldn’t hit a single correct note, we would feel beautiful

but you’ve rented yourself out to her
she arrived and unpacked her things but it felt more like something was leaving
your shelves are empty and dusty
a “do not disturb” sign has been hanging on your door for weeks
she didn’t bother to re-paint you or fix you
she didn’t even try to love you
and every wrong note you sing is lethal


Marisa Marinelli is currently a sophomore in high school. She hopes to attend college at the University of Buffalo and major in Psychology. marisamarinelli2[at]

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