Terror Alert

Ryan Quinn Flanagan

hunter sausage and onions
Photo Credit: Amanda/pinprick

The sausages are in the pan,
then the onions
and mushrooms.

There is plenty of steam
and the smoke detector in the hall
goes off.

It is very loud,
the neighbours must
be wondering:

Could al-Qaeda be in my kitchen?

Rearranging the cutlery?

Radicalizing the dish soap?

Converting all the cutting boards to Islam?

I have very imaginative neighbours,
they watch the nightly news
and believe all kinds
of horrors.

Me, I’m more pragmatic.

Like the sausages
and the onions
and the mushrooms
in the pan.

Standing on a chair
I wave a green dish towel
under the smoke detector
until the threat of terror
is gone.

pencilRyan Quinn Flanagan presently resides in Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada under 12 feet of snow. He is looking quite forward to the spring thaw or getting away to warmer weather. Florida is his friend. The snow plow is not. Email: cyanogen_rqf[at]hotmail.com

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