Dovile Mark

Photo Credit: Kabsik Park

On the day of her diagnosis
Willow came home
Hung up her work clothes in the tiny crammed closet
Invited friends for a cookout

When asked about the reason for the gathering
Willow watched tiny yellow finches chase each other at the bird feeder
Somewhere a lawn mover was started

If the answer came
She later could not recall

She did remember though
Removing her shoes
Resting her feet on the old wood of the deck
Tracing cracks with her toes
The feeling of old peeling paint baked in the summer sun

Listening to the voices of friends
Willow imagined she heard music notes

And when peach juice ran down her arms
Willow did not bother wiping it
Instead she licked the side of her arm
It tasted sweet

pencilDovile Mark was born in Lithuania and now spends time between Maryland and Hawaii. She enjoys working as a writer, filmmaker, actor, puppeteer and stunt performer. Her poetry and stories have been featured in several magazines including Poet’s Ink and Main Channel Voices. She has performed live at many venues in Europe and US including theaters, literary festivals, jail facilities, hospitals and Stoop Storytelling Series at Center Stage in Baltimore. Email: RelaxationPlace[at]

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