Greg Moglia

O-Range to Be Mine
Photo Credit: Calsidyrose

Second grader Jarrett is writing
The required Valentine’s Day cards to each of his classmates
When his mother Liz says Ashley is next on the list
Jarrett says I should have known and rolls his eyes

Mother says What is it with Ashley?
Jarrett makes his all-knowing face and shows his dimple
Do you like her? Mother Liz says
Ma, all I said was ‘I should have known’

Again that look and his dimple
Now, for Ashley he takes care to pick
An orange-colored card
Writes nothing special on it

Mother senses something
Years before it will be clear to her
Boys can come to mother’s love sideways
They share their story at a distance

Now, his almost-silence
Brings a tear
To mother’s eye

pencilGreg Moglia is a veteran of 27 years as Adjunct Professor of Philosophy of Education at N.Y.U. and 37 years as a high school teacher of Physics and Psychology. Poetry accepted in over 100 journals in U.S., Canada, England, Australia, India and Sweden. Email: gmoglia[at]

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