Shinjini’s Hazaar Songs

Sanchari Sur

Happy legs:) 3/52
Photo Credit: M Yashna

For sale:

my paan stained lips
the colour of

failed revolution.

Shinjini, my name
the rhapsody of anklets.

You shorten it to ‘Shin’.

shin [shin] noun

front part of the leg from the knee to the ankle
lower part of the foreleg in cattle
shinbone or tibia, especially its sharp edge or front portion

Chiefly British, a cut of beef similar to the U.S. shank
usually cut into small pieces
for stewing.

My dismantled name, rust
the colour of damage.

Sing, Shin.

My wails could shame.

Jasmine in my hair, I mouth
the language of wolves.

My words, scarlet
the colour of renegade.

Sin, Shin.

You, my mocking lover.

You promise me
an archive of objects, sticky
with happy affect.

Sing! Sing! Sing!

I mourn unknown drownings.

Sin! Sin! Sin!

I become hazaar* echoes.


*Hazaar in Hindi/Urdu means “a thousand”. It can also metaphorically imply “a million” or “countless”.

pencilSanchari Sur is a Canadian who was born in Calcutta, India. Her work has been published or are forthcoming in Map Literary, Barely South Review, Red River Review, Jaggery, Pyrta and elsewhere. She blogs at at South Asian Girl in the Diaspora. Email: sur.sanchari[at]

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