Warm Milk

Shani Naylor

Photo Credit: Charlie/Flickr (CC-by-nc-nd)

The first time Sylvia travelled through time, it caught her by surprise.

She’d been sitting at the table eating a sandwich when she found herself tottering around a garden with rose bushes towering over her. At first she thought she was drunk then a spaniel bounded up and rubbed his head against her hand. “Jessie,” she said tentatively, recalling the dog she had when she was a girl.

The second time she was pulled back was also confusing. This time she lay on a blanket on the ground and tried to call out, but no words came. She looked down to see she was wearing red rompers with an embroidered yellow duck. The surprise made her lightheaded and she spun back to her bathroom, where she’d been brushing her teeth.

She tried telling her daughter Meg, a lawyer at a big city legal firm. Meg nodded with pursed lips and started discussing the merits of local rest homes, so Sylvia closed her eyes and willed herself back to her parents’ home.

She found herself enveloped by warm bare arms and being held securely. A milky smell wafted around; she leaned forward, nuzzling, looking for its source. Her eyes stayed closed and she felt at peace. She wanted to stay in these arms forever. She filled her tummy with milk and softly fell asleep.

She woke up at midnight; Meg had gone and she was in bed.

Sylvia decided to go back. There was nothing in the present to keep her. Nothing in her house or her small town. Meg didn’t need her. She wanted to be back with Mummy and Daddy. With Jessie and her brother Alfie.

She lay in bed and willed herself to travel back again.

This time she wouldn’t be returning.


Shani Naylor lives in New Zealand and has had stories published in the Top of the Morning Book of Incredibly Short Stories and Flash Frontier. Email: shani.naylor[at]gmail.com

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