Two Poems

Marchell Dyon

Photo of a moonrise over lake. The moon is slightly to the right of center. The sky is scattered with stars. The blue of the sky deepens and the stars become more visible farther away from the moonglow. Moon and star light reflects off the lake's dark surface. The lake is surrounded by low, foliage-covered hills that are mostly in shadow. Behind them, in the distance, are taller craggy mountains.

Photo Credit: Patrick Vierthaler/Flickr (CC-by-nc)

Mirror, Mirror

By the pond near the fairytale where she lived
She fell in love with her reflection

Like the flower that considers the water
Her reflection a rippling mirror

She agreed with her reflection
That she was pretty, more than average

From behind a film of mist the moon appeared
Its cheeks blushed with the color of Mars

Like the fabled queen, she asked her reflection
Who was most beautiful, she or the moon?

Her reflection replied: you of course.
She stares again at both reflections as they rippled

Shimmering side by side on the water
She did not care that her reflection lied.


The Goddess speaks for herself

I am mother to womankind
I am full of purpose
Of tears born

I have abandon the house of my father
Faraway from the mansions of angels
Into the night sky
I am that beacon of light

My complexion is the color of milk
Before the world forever I shine
And at a distance I stand

Mankind has learned to walk my craters
Still to mankind I remain a mystery

The goddess of emotions
Watch as I wax and wane the night away

I am company for those lonely
Those who must finish their lives in solitude
For I too must travel this world alone


Marchell Dyon is a poetry enthusiast. She enjoys reading poetry wherever she can find it. Once she was nominated for the best of the net prize for her poem. She continues to write in Chicago IL. She can also be founded on Twitter @DyonMarchell

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