Volume 11, Issue 2

Volume 11, Issue 2 :: June 2011

toasted cheese sandwich
Photo Credit: jules:stonesoup

Featured Writing

Five Poems
Poetry by Christie Isler

Four Poems
Poetry by Natasha Kochicheril Moni

Poetry by Mary Odenbach

Flash Fiction by James Armstrong

The Man Who Made Her Late for Work
Flash Fiction by David Meuel

The Faint Light of Heaven
Fiction by Lisa Ahn

Long Time Going
Fiction by Kimberly Greene

Breathe Small in the Light
Fiction by Josh Hauser

Fiction by Jennifer Hurley

The Talk
Fiction by Rick Nordgren


Editor’s Picks

Bonnets’s Pick * Standing on the Walls of Jericho
Poetry by Caleb J. Oakes

Baker’s Pick * The Dried-Up Seahorse
Fiction by Emily J. Lawrence

Boots’s Pick * Montanawich
Fiction by Nathaniel Tower


Contest Winners

Three Cheers and a Tiger Writing Contest
Judged by Bonnets & The Bellman
Topic: Mystery that uses a short social media message
about an ecological change in a nearby river as an important clue.
Word Range: 2450–2550 words

Gold: A River Trickles Through It
by Shannon Schuren

Silver: Measurements
by Laura Magalas

Bronze: Rainbows
by Gillian Brent



Candle-Ends: Reviews
Reviews will appear in upcoming issues.

The Snark Zone: Letters from the Editors
Outside In
by Theryn “Beaver” Fleming

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