Volume 12, Issue 1

Volume 12, Issue 1 :: March 2012

Mega cheese toastie at Mrs Muffins, Ledbury
Photo Credit: Uncle He-man

Featured Writing

Poetry by Maria Vasquez Boyd

Poetry by Andrea Egert

Two Poems
Poetry by Paul Hostovsky

Two Poems
Poetry by Brian Price

The Queen’s Secret
Flash Fiction by Jacqueline Doyle

Back to Comanche
Fiction by Rick Bailey

Firm Iron
Fiction by Lou Gaglia

The Messenger
Fiction by Matthew Jankiewicz

Vincent Under the Bed
Fiction by Elizabeth Buechner Morris

The Grace of Grass
Creative Nonfiction by Shaina Rafal



Editor’s Picks

Broker’s Pick * Cars
Poetry by Griggori Tyler Taylor

Boots’s Pick * The Dance
Fiction by Robert Watts Lamon


Contest Winners

Dead of Winter Writing Contest
Judged by Baker & Billiard
Theme: Skull and Bones
Word Range: 2000–3000 words

First: The Red Scarf
by Anitha Murthy

Second (tie):
Skin and Bones
by Jake Gogats
A Bone to Pick
by Kristi Petersen Schoonover

Honorable Mention: “Osteophthisis”
by John-Michael Gariepy



Candle-Ends: Reviews
Silver and Blood by Trina L. Talma
reviewed by Lisa Olson

The Snark Zone: Letters from the Editors
All Writers Are Independent But Some
Are More Independent Than Others

by Stephanie “Baker” Lenz

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