Volume 12, Issue 3

Volume 12, Issue 3 :: September 2012

Rosemary, Cheddar and Gouda Grilled Cheese
Photo Credit: Emily Carlin

Featured Writing

Four Poems
Poetry by Rachel Barenblat

Five Poems
Poetry by Doug Bolling

Two Poems
Poetry by Cynthia Sharp

Reading the Signs in Seoul
Fiction by James Dante

Happy Ending
Fiction by Ryan N. Hejmanowski

Fiction by Amber Kelly-Anderson

Ball Gag
Fiction by Anthony Marshall

Furnished Rooms
Fiction by Don Smith

Fiction by Stacey Spencer

The Hole
Fiction by John Young


Editor’s Picks

Baker’s Pick * Oh Woman
Fiction by A. Gonzaga


Contest Winners

A Midsummer Tale Writing Contest
Judged by Beaver
Theme: Snail Mail

First: Brief from Oma
Creative Nonfiction by Laura Story Johnson

Second: Being My Mom
Creative Nonfiction by Amy Gantt

Third: The Adolescent Letters
Creative Nonfiction by Anna Shuster



Candle-Ends: Reviews
Ashes of Honor by Seanan McGuire
reviewed by Erin Bellavia

The Snark Zone: Letters from the Editors
Don’t Forget the Confetti
by Theryn “Beaver” Fleming

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