Volume 14, Issue 4

Volume 14, Issue 4 :: December 2014

Cheese on toast
Photo Credit: Juliet Culver

Featured Writing

Poetry by Karen Bayly

A Hundred Things to Do
Poetry by Nabin Kumar Chhetri

Solo Boulevard for Trumpet and Strings
Poetry by David DeWitt Fulton

Three Poems
Poetry by Paul Hostovsky

My Temple
Poetry by Dario Jimenez

Poetry by Greg Moglia

Shinjini’s Hazaar Songs
Poetry by Sanchari Sur

Two Poems
Poetry by Shari Winslow

Been a Place
Fiction by Max Dunbar

Kitchen Prep with Rain & Hail
Fiction by Kyle Manning

Then We Shall See Clearly
Fiction by Laura Marie

Missionary Man
Fiction by Lisa Sagrati


Editor’s Picks

Baker’s Pick * Remaining Balance
Fiction by Erin Charvet

Broker’s Pick * Whiteboard
Fiction by Eileen Gonzalez


Contest Winners

Three Cheers and a Tiger Writing Contest
Judged by Boots & Broker
Topic: What Went Wrong?
Word Limit: 5,000 words

Gold: Something Wicked
by Jill Spencer

Silver: A Small Miscalculation
by Amelia Diamond

Bronze: My Funeral
by Alexander Pawlowski



Candle-Ends: Reviews

Drops on the Water by Eric G. Müller & Matthew Zanoni Müller
reviewed by Shelley Carpenter

The Snark Zone: Letters from the Editors

You Are Not Your Work
by Stephanie “Baker” Lenz


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