Volume 16, Issue 3

Volume 16, Issue 3 :: September 2016

Photo Credit: Benny Mazur/Flickr (CC-by)

Photo Credit: Benny Mazur/Flickr (CC-by)

Featured Writing

The Curse
Poetry by Marchell Dyon

Pocket-Sized Compliments
Poetry by Theresa Kelly

Color Blind (For Real?)
Poetry by Marc Livanos

We’ve Changed Grammatically
Poetry by Lauren Scavo

Poetry by Judith Taylor

The Day We Stopped Talking
Flash by Stephanie Gail

His Country
Fiction by David E. Grubb

The Piano Lesson
Fiction by Kathy Mansfield

Food for Thought
Fiction by Michael Retzer

Terror on the Beach
Fiction by Gina Sakalarios-Rogers

The Goddess of Sunday Brunch
Creative Nonfiction by Autumn Shah

Editor’s Picks

Beaver’s Pick * Alcaics: on a hashtag
Poetry by Judith Taylor

Broker’s Pick * Night
Poetry by Richard Dinges

Baker’s Pick * The Last Time I Had Brunch
Flash by Jeff Bakkensen

Contest Winners

A Midsummer Tale Writing Contest
Judged by Beaver
Theme: Summer Job

First: The English Girl
Fiction by Sarah Evans

Second: Liberal Arts
Fiction by Heather Finnegan

Third: The Net
Fiction by Gail Webber



Candle-Ends: Reviews

Not For Art Nor Prayer by Darren C. Demaree
reviewed by Shelley Carpenter


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