Volume 17, Issue 2

Volume 17, Issue 2 :: June 2017

Photo Credit: David/Flickr (CC-by-nc-nd)

Featured Writing

Poetry by Deborah Bacharach

Reading the Bones
Poetry by Marchell Dyon

Dog and Man
Poetry by David Sermersheim

Two Poems
Poetry by Spencer Smith

Four Poems
Poetry by Judith Taylor

The View
Flash by Sabrina Hicks

Following the Ghost
Flash by Fran Laniado

Red Hair and Rain
Flash by Tomas Marcantonio

The Last Ever Karaoke Night
Fiction by Lanny Durbin

Thirteen Cents
Fiction by Bonnie Thompson

Editor’s Picks

Beaver’s Pick * Anniversary Waltz
Poetry by Donna Pucciani

Baker’s Pick * Four Poems
Poetry by Jim Zola

Contest Winners

Three Cheers and a Tiger Writing Contest
Judged by Bellman
Topic: a mystery that centers around
a message hidden in a crossword puzzle
Word Range: 2250-2350 words

Gold: Special Warranty Activated
by Erin McDougall

Silver: The Ginger Box
by R.J. Snowberger

Bronze: Union
by Meredith Lindgren


Candle-Ends: Reviews

On Vacation
by TC Editors

The Snark Zone: Letters from the Editors

Save Today
by Stephanie “Baker” Lenz


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