Volume 18, Issue 1

Volume 18, Issue 1 :: March 2018

Photo Credit: H.C./Flickr (CC-by-nc)

Featured Writing

Two Poems
Poetry by Rachel Burns

Two Poems
Poetry by Abigail George

Four Poems
Poetry by Don Thompson

Sturdy Girls
Flash by Amanda Breen

Flash by Michael Crane

Milk Siblings
Flash by Catherine Fearns

Flash by Lynn Mundell

The Santa Realisation
Flash by Michael Sams

Fiction by Amanda DeNatale

Mary Claire
Fiction by Mary Ann McSweeny

Editor’s Picks

Five Poems
Beaver’s Pick * Poetry by Bibhu Padhi

The Heart of Song
Broker’s Pick * Poetry by Roger Singer

Oenaville, Texas
Baker’s Pick * Flash by Erica Hoffmeister

Contest Winners

Dead of Winter Writing Contest
Judged by Baker & Billiard
Theme: Nevertheless She Persisted
Word Range: 3,000–5,000 words

First * Us, Alone
by Meredith Lindgren

Second * Rotten Fruit
by Vanessa Levin-Pompetzki



Candle-Ends: Reviews

A Fire Without Light by Darren C. Demaree
reviewed by Shelley Carpenter


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