Volume 18, Issue 2

Volume 18, Issue 2 :: June 2018

Photo Credit: RichardBH/Flickr (CC-by)

Featured Writing

Five Poems
Poetry by Devon Balwit

Batten the Hatches
Poetry by Emile Benoit

Poetry by Katherine Davis

Two Poems
Poetry by Kenneth Pobo

Route 640
Poetry by Kurt Rasmussen

Defiance on my Tongue
Poetry by Susan Richardson

Three Poems
Poetry by Alex Stolis

Poetry by Rodd Whelpley

Two Poems
Poetry by Christine Wright

April Diary
Poetry by Margaret Young

Flash by Erica Plouffe Lazure

Flash by Rolf Samuels

The Cross-Stitched Cryptogram
Flash by Jamie L. Sawyers

The Raisin Rebellion of 1993
Flash by John Carr Walker

Flash by Becca Yenser

The Mirror Game
Fiction by Penny Frances

Secret Admirer
Creative Nonfiction by Zixu Fan

Editor’s Picks

Baker’s Pick * Beautiful, Ordinary
Flash by Kimberly Lee

Broker’s Pick * The List
Fiction by Joseph McGrail

Contest Winners

Three Cheers and a Tiger Writing Contest
Judged by The Bellman
Topic: a mystery story that centers around pressed flowers in an old book.
Word Range: 1,950–2,050 words

Gold: Gray-Eyed Greedy Guts
by Jill Spencer

Silver: The Mystery of the Capucine
by Zachary Turner

Bronze: The List
by Josh Flores

Honorable Mention: The Black Rose
by Cana Shafer



Candle-Ends: Reviews

Necessary Lies by Richard Edgar
reviewed by Shelley Carpenter

Mr. Neutron by Joe Ponepinto
reviewed by Bill Gaythwaite

Laughter and Early Sorrow and Other Stories by Brett Busang
reviewed by Bill Lockwood


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