Volume 19, Issue 1

Volume 19, Issue 1 :: March 2019

Photo Credit: jpellgen/Flickr (CC-by-nc-nd)

Featured Writing

How to Eat A Haitian Mango
Poetry by Jerrice J. Baptiste

Two Poems
Poetry by Teresa Blackmon

Poetry by Carl Leggo

Poetry by DS Maolalai

Are You There
Poetry by Amy Sherwood

Two Poems
Poetry by Bill Yarrow

3 A.M. Idyll
Flash by Phebe Kirkham

On Second Thought…
Fiction by Louis M. Abbey

Creative Nonfiction by Tracy Lyall

Editor’s Picks

Broker’s Pick * The Pen
Poetry by Carl Leggo

Baker’s Pick * Couch
Flash by Jared Levy

Contest Winners

Dead of Winter Writing Contest
Judged by Broker & Boots
Theme: “The Podcast” or “The Award”
Word Range: 3,000–5,000 words

First: The Grave of Samuel Seymore James
by M. Luke Yoder

Second: Eidolon
by Lou Nell Gerard

Third: 99 Words of Sorrow
by Maureen Rostad



Candle-Ends: Reviews

My Husband’s Lies by Caroline England
Reviewed by Shelley Carpenter


In memory of Carl Leggo 1953-2019

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