Volume 2, Issue 1

Volume 2, Issue 1 :: March 2002

Featured Writing

Pissing Off Jimmy Santiago Baca
Creative Nonfiction by Tony Gallucci

Still Life With Shaky Oranges
Fiction by Simon Owen

East Town, Grand Rapids
Poetry by Steve Herron

Poetry by Sean Patrick Murphy

Poetry by Janice C. Beavers


Contest Winners

Dead of Winter Writing Contest
December 2001: what is possible on the longest night of the year

First: Snow, The Seven and The Moon
by Janet Mullany

Second: In the Bleak December
by Elizabeth Becka Lansky

Third: How Long is the Night?
by Ana George



Best of the Boards
Heaven Threw Up
Poetry by Steve Herron

The Snark Zone
Off With Her Head!
by Theryn Fleming


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