Volume 20, Issue 1

Volume 20, Issue 1 :: March 2020

Photo Credit: Alpha/Flickr (CC-by-sa)

Featured Writing

Four Poems
Poetry by Melissa Evans

Three Poems
Poetry by Diane Webster

Appetizers and Armani
Fiction by JG Alderisio

Fiction by L.M. Brown

The Famous Poet
Fiction by Jim Ray Daniels

Editor’s Picks

Beaver’s Pick * Island
Flash by Jerri Jerreat

Contest Winners

Dead of Winter Writing Contest
Judged by Baker & Billiard
Theme: Family Tree
Word Range: 2,500–5,000 words

First * The Silver Wrens
by Alex Grey

Second * Answers
by DJ Tyrer



Candle-Ends: Reviews

Neighbours & Tourists by Ewa Mazierska
Reviewed by Shelley Carpenter

Are you a TC author with a recently published book?
Let us know about it: reviews@toasted-cheese.com
Must be able to provide a PDF copy for review.


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