Volume 21, Issue 4

Volume 21, Issue 4 :: December 2021

Photo Credit: John Kroll/Flickr (CC-by-nc)

Featured Writing

North Haven, Sunday
Poetry by Nathaniel Krenkel

Four Poems
Poetry by DS Maolalai

Three Poems
Poetry by David Sapp

Flash by Hibah Shabkhez

The Flood
Fiction by Mari Carlson

Five Days to Buff
Fiction by Mary Sophie Filicetti

Empty Shoes
Fiction by Bari Lynn Hein

A Blonde in Love
Fiction by Ewa Mazierska

The Muse
Fiction by Andrea Stephenson


Contest Winners

Savage Science Fiction / Fantasy Writing Contest
Judged by Broker & Boots
Topic: trying to regain a power, sense, or technology
lost to an act of nature or a widespread disease
Word Limit: 4,000 words

First: The Broken Heartstone
by Cara Brezina

Second: The Story I Have Not Told
by Robin Hillard

Third: How Can We Live Without It?
by Ian Bentwood



Candle-Ends: Reviews

I, Menagerie by Garrett Ray Harriman
Reviewed by Shelley Carpenter

Gare de Lyon by Bill Lockwood
Reviewed by Anne Greenawalt

The Dime by Mark Paxson
Reviewed by Bill Lockwood

Are you a TC author with a recently published book?
Let us know about it: reviews[at]toasted-cheese.com
Must be able to provide a PDF copy for review.


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