Volume 3, Issue 1

Volume 3, Issue 1 :: March 2003

Featured Writing

Three Poems
Poetry by Martin A. Mitchell

Three Poems
Poetry by Arlene Ang

Flash Fiction by Allen McGill

Small Change
Flash Fiction by Yehia Samir Lababidi

The Minefield
Fiction by Andrew Compart

The Magnificent Shrine to Magdalena Medlewicz
Fiction by John Biggs

The Storekeeper
Fiction by Mark Poltera

Natalie Portman
Fiction by Aaron Hanscom


Contest Winners

Dead of Winter Writing Contest
This year’s theme: “death & winter”

First: Winterlesson
by Terry Kroenung

Second: Good Intentions
by Theresa Hammond

Third: Winter Buddha
by Linda J. Palmero

Honorable Mention:
“Candle in the Dark” by Mina Flink
“Between the Mountain Crags” by Penny Johnson
“Buried Time” by Amy Wallace
“Jamie’s Christmas” by Anthony Byers
“Into Shadows” by Betty Dobson



Best of the Boards
Christmas Elegy
by Glen

The Snark Zone: Letters From The Editors
Letters to the Editor
by Theryn “Beaver” Fleming


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