Volume 4, Issue 4

Volume 4, Issue 4 :: December 2004

Featured Writing

Three Poems
Poetry by Julie Aldegarie

Three Poems
Poetry by Ann K. Dowd

Three Poems
Poetry by Keli Stafford

Flash Fiction by Brian D. Day

The Matter With Mary-Jayne
Flash Fiction by Alexandra Fox

Orange Cars and Television
Flash Fiction by David Holub

Whatcha Got There Babe?
Flash Fiction by John A. Ward

A Woman Waiting
Fiction by John A. Broussard

Tastes Like Bitterbitty
Fiction by Sean Conway

Fuck You, Pele and Reynaldo
Fiction by Aaron Harper

A Connecting Thread
Creative Nonfiction by Linda C. Wisniewski


Editor’s Picks

Because we edit as a collective, sometimes a piece
one editor feels strongly about will get left out of the main line-up.
We have dubbed these “Editor’s Picks.”

Baker’s Pick * To Hell and Back
Fiction by Robb C. Sewell

Beaver’s Pick * The Premature Birth of a Story
Creative Nonfiction by Linda Downing Miller

Boots’s Pick * Cathartic Introspection at 3:18PM
Creative Nonfiction by Matt Hardman


Contest Winners

Three Cheers and a Tiger Writing Contest
Judged by Boots, Ana, and Macfisto
Topic: A sci-fi / fantasy story with a ladder or staircase as a key element.
Word Range: 750-800 words

Gold: They Will Come
by Sarah Mackey

Silver: Falling
by Christine Marlowe

Bronze: Ayken’s Steps
by Lori Dehn



Best of the Boards
Sailor Take Warning
by Nyx

The Snark Zone: Letters From The Editors
The Spirit of the Snark
by Stephanie “Baker” Lenz


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