Volume 6, Issue 1

Volume 6, Issue 1 :: March 2006

Featured Writing

Three Poems
Poetry by Donna Mae Brown

Two Poems
Poetry by Lynn Strongin

Flash Fiction by Krishan Coupland

Flash Fiction by Grant Hettrick

Some Kind of Tough Guy
Fiction by Mark Joseph Kiewlak

The Way Things Are Now
Fiction by Terri Moran

The Cleaning
Fiction by John Riha


Editor’s Picks

Every issue, each editor has the opportunity to choose a piece
that was left out of the main line-up as her/his “editor’s pick”

Baker’s Pick * Three Poems
Poetry by Lita Sorensen

Billiard’s Pick * Crazy, Psycho, Irrational, Neurotic, Obsessive
Fiction by Molly Each

Beaver’s Pick * Marrakech Verses
Creative Nonfiction by Laura Jo Hess


Contest Winners

Dead of Winter Writing Contest
Judged by Billiard and Baker
Theme: The souvenirs/trophies of a returned soldier

First: Ardennes ’44
by Joseph Noonan

Second: The Last Time?
by Charlie Thrun

Third: The Meeting, Short and Fleeting
by Sheela Jaywant



Best of the Boards
The Ice Cream Man
by Mark Paxson

The Snark Zone: Letters From The Editors
Games Writers Play
by Theryn “Beaver” Fleming


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