Volume 9, Issue 4

Volume 9, Issue 4 :: December 2009

Featured Writing

The Bank
Poetry by C.L. Bledsoe

Five Poems
Poetry by Paul Hostovsky

Poetry by Rae Spencer

Flash Fiction by Ethel Rohan

The Repairman
Flash Fiction by Janice D. Soderling

Flash Fiction by Andrew S. Taylor

Fiction by Kimberley Idol

Cotton-Eyed Joe
Fiction by Charles D. Phillips

Louvre Is All U Need
Fiction by Jason D. Schwartz

Midnight at the Oasis
Fiction by Melodie Starkey

Muse at Work
Creative Nonfiction by Kate Gibalerio


Editor’s Picks

Boots’s Pick * Infidels
Fiction by Jim Harrington

Baker’s Pick * Meegan Kissinger Wore White
Fiction by Amanda Viviani

Ana’s Pick * One Last Storm
Fiction by Chris Yodice


Contest Winners

Three Cheers and a Tiger Writing Contest
Judged by Boots & Ana
Theme: The marginally successful construction of new technology
or the researching of new lore. The process of inventing something often
involves false starts or other unforeseen difficulties (and budget overruns).
The widget (or spell, or potion) kind of works, mostly, until…
Word Range: 2500–2600 words.

Gold: Dante’s Grid
by Liz Mierzejewski

Silver: Tech Support
by Ari Susu-Mago

Bronze: Prisoner’s Potion
by Dixie Sorensen



Best of the Boards
The Stiff
by Kirk Becken

The Snark Zone: Letters From The Editors
Pattern Recognition
by Theryn “Beaver” Fleming


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