Struck By A Sparrow

Beaver’s Pick
Apryl Fox

Struck by sparrows flung
in a dark cage,
the snow has been
gone for seven long summers.
There is cake sitting

out on the stove but
it’s none of my concern:
the birthday party
was last week.

Then the postman, someone who
was much like my father,
told me I could no longer come home
anymore: he didn’t
like the way my hat rested

on my head.
That was the last I
heard of old Belfast,
the old man who once gave
me my bread.


Apryl Fox, 22-years-old, has been published previously in The Rose and Thorn Ezine, The Morpo Review, and Star/Line. She has a poetry chapbook forthcoming from Foothills Publishing. E-mail: aravenatmidnight[at]