Standing on the Walls of Jericho

Bonnets’s Pick
Caleb J. Oakes

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Photo Credit: LeRamz

Abraham slept with
his concubines. Fathering
a nation is tough.

Washington had sex
with his slaves. True or not, we
embrace the scandal.

My friend’s fiancĂ©
is Chinese. He told me that
their sex makes him feel

like he is in the
Olympics. I asked him if
they award medals.

The pope still decides
the fate of our testicles.
He rides in parades

behind three inches
of bulletproof glass. That’s what
I call faith in God.

I think about sex
when I’m in church and about
God when I have sex.

I haven’t read my
bible in a year. But I
kiss it before bed.

I used to think it
helped but now I’m not sure.
I woke laughing when

I dreamt Elijah
spoke to me. He told me that
heaven has brothels.


Caleb J. Oakes is a senior at Florida State University. He will be graduating with a BA in creative writing this spring. He would give up his car and his right arm (he’s left handed) before he would give up writing. Email: cjo3[at]