My Temple

Dario Jimenez

Photo Credit: chemisti

As I am used to do
every morning
very very early,
walk to the pier,
usually empty of fishing rods
and sea salt fantasies,
sit down on the same
star light
painted bench
seagulls observing,
deep from my Sahasrara chakra
softly pronounce the mantra
ohm mani padme hum
and then,
wait for the Ocean-Moon
to say its prayer
once and once again

pencilDario Jimenez’s poetic roots are somehow tied to his multicultural life experience and academic background in Sociology and Computer Science. His latest work has been published in Leaves of Ink, The Camel Saloon (and on Editor’s pick “The Second Hump”), East Coast Literary Review and Eunoia Review. Email: dario.jimenez[at]