Kim Foyle

In the late hours of night,
and the early hours of morn:
Silent tears fall from
my swollen eyes.

All my tears have fallen,
now my eyes remain swollen.
A sweet smile on my face
—a weak light in the winds of loneliness.

Each time a friendship begins
each break in my heart deepens.
I entrust my heart, all my emotions
only to be drowned in betrayal.

Now—my heart bruised and ravaged
is captured behind walls of fear and doubt.
My heart is buffeted from bruising,
from myself:

Loneliness whistles entry…


Kim is a writer who lives in South Africa and is currently working on first novel. She can be reached at last_lines[at]hotmail.com.


Kim Foyle

Losing myself…
Standing at the core of my life,
watching my past, my present converge in unity.

Steeped in exquisite reverie
Memories cascade from the depths of my being.
The air tinged with joy, remembrance, love
underlaid with raw thirst, naked hunger,

Change—new, faraway
remembered feelings.
Furnished in bareness.

I face an opening.
Walking in quiet conviction
he enters, his eyes vigilant.
Whirlwinds of emotion swirl about
a finished eternity—Wait.

Featherlight kiss of palm to face.
One tear falls, gently, hesitantly
Caressing temples to lips
hush. stay.

Chills of calm envelope me.
I surrender to his warm embrace
smiling consent—admittance to my soul.
My heart has found its purpose… Finally Believing.


Kim is a poet and writer from South Africa. She can be reached at last_lines[at]hotmail.com.