Dear Lightly Toasted Editors

Too Good Not To Publish: Cover Letters
Kathy Maeglin

The Erudite Editors
Toasted Cheese

Dear Lightly Toasted Editors:

It’s a sad fact of life that one must eat to survive—well, not so sad if what you’re eating is chocolate, but I digress. The aforementioned sad fact is why the vast majority of the writing I’ve done in my life has been non-fiction—journalism, to be precise.

In an effort to entertain my fellow humans and make my own life a heck of a lot more fun, I’ve turned some of my scribing attention to creative writing. The short story below, which is about 1,800 words, is a taste of my work. Please don’t read it on an empty stomach.

I hope you’ll find my story worthy of sharing with your readers. To be honest, I haven’t had any of my fiction published yet. But I just embarked on this crazy-wench-thinks-she-can-be-a-fiction-writer phase of my life a few months ago, so I’m still naively optimistic.

Thanks for taking the time to consider my work. And thanks for creating an E-zine that doesn’t make aspiring writers feel like protozoa.

Kathy Maeglin